Peace of Mind for Your Livelihood

More real estate licensees in North Carolina have their licenses suspended or revoked by the NC Real Estate Commission for trust account violations than any other type of violation.  In many cases, this is not because the broker intentionally did anything improper.  It is because the rules on trust account maintenance are so voluminous and complicated, many people don’t understand them.

After twenty years with the NC Real Estate Commission, I am an expert on the Real Estate License Law in North Carolina.  I developed and taught the Commission’s current classes on trust account maintenance.

I provide consulting services, auditing services and training to North Carolina real estate licensees to ensure compliance with the NC General Statutes and NC Real Estate Commission rules.  Whether you are already the subject of an audit or investigation by the NC Real Estate Commission, or if you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your trust account and related records are in 100% compliance, you can count on my expertise.